There is Always a Solution!!!

At times, working through the design process creates beautiful surfaces, but the back is less than desirable for a finished item. In some instances, this can be remedied by adding a backing of textured clay, silk screening etc. 

When the ‘crater’ surface of the featured earrings was completed, the back looked like pitted pavement and one of the traditional solutions seemed inappropriate, so I turned to my ‘go to’ backing…paper cocktail napkins or in this case, delicate handmade paper.

Thank you to Dayle Doroshow for the cocktail napkin ‘trick’. Napkins are typically 3 ply and when separated, the decorative top layer is the perfect…translate-quick…solution for correcting the back surface.


In both instances the application is identical. 
-Cut a piece of paper or napkin larger than the surface to be covered
-If using a napkin, gently separate the 3 plys
-Apply a thin coat of gloss medium to the back of the earring
-GENTLY place the paper on the wet surface
-GENTLY smooth any wrinkles
-Allow paper to dry
-With a nail file, sand away excess paper from the sides
-Run a gold leafing pen or Prismacolor marker along the sides of the earring. This unifies the front and back surfaces with the sides.

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