The Curio Has Been Conquered!!!

Finally, after two years of battles and skirmishes, the Curio has been conquered…at least for stencils. Periodic attempts would be made to either deboss uncured polymer or more recently to make stencils, only to end in frustration. Last week, I was determined that, no matter how long it took, the stencil would be conquered.

The pattern that is selected for a stencil has a great deal to do with the success rate. You may need photo editing software to invert the black and white image. Keep in mind that the black areas will drop out, the white areas will remain. In addition, the white areas should be connected and the pattern may need to be cropped and enlarged in order to allow thicker lines in the final stencil.


Next step, setting up the ‘beast’…aka…THE CURIO. There are multiple YouTube  videos on making stencils using Silhouette products. Many use a different cutter or software, but the process remains the same.

  • Place and then roll the stencil material on the curio platform
  • A total of 5 platforms were used
  • Tape down stencil material on each side
  • Trace and cut out the pattern in software
  • Send it to the cutter
  • Material – Stencil
  • Action – Cut
  • Tool – Ratchet Blade (I am using the deep cut blade set on #2 for this material.
  • Click on the SEND button

This stencil was made with a page divider for a three ring binder. It is not as thick as a commercial stencil, but a binding of washi tape should help with stability.

Depending on the complexity of the pattern it may take awhile for the stencil to cut. The featured pattern took over 7 minutes, while several of the stencils shown on Instagram only took a few minutes.

OOOOPS!!! I forgot a very important tip. The drop outs are pesky little shapes that have been rolled onto the sticky surface of the cutting platform. A quick method of removing them is to use the blunt edge of a blade and ‘shovel’ them from the surface. This process takes a matter of seconds…not the minutes I spent removing them after cutting this stencil. 

I apologize for the long hiatus between posts. I have been working during the past few months, but there was nothing ‘noteworthy’ to share. Recovery from the eight months of treatment for breast cancer continues in a VERY positive direction. One of the mysterious side effects is ‘chemo brain’, which may take months or even years to subside. While it isn’t debilitating, it is frustrating. Keeping my Charleston Crafts Gallery space stocked with fresh inventory has been my main focus during the last few months.

Relax, have fun, and remember… YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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