From All Angles

For several years, I have been collecting ‘interesting’ cocktail napkins for use in a variety of applications…typically as a focal design. 

After completing the transfer design process for these earrings, the backs needed something that would complement the front without disturbing the images. One napkin in the ‘stash’ repeated many of the colors found on the front.

To use napkins as a focal element or accent in your work the process is very simple.

  • Separate the backing layers from the decorative layer on the napkin…typically two.
  • Cut pieces that are slightly larger than your completed polymer piece.
  • Apply a light coat of gloss medium to the surface and gently ease the tissue onto the prepared surface.
  • Smooth any wrinkles and allow to dry.
  • After the surface is dry, ‘sand’ off the excess with a nail file.
  • Add a protective coat of medium…either gloss or matte. I chose matte for this application.

Now your design looks interesting from All Angles!!!


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1 Response to From All Angles

  1. Laura Lang says:

    I am amazed at the results you obtained. ♥️ They look like they were painted with Watercolors. Great job. Thanks for sharing

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