Solar Inspirations

The latest prediction for eclipse visitors to South Carolina is approximately 2 million. Since Charleston is Travel & Leisure’s #1 city in the US, the Charleston Crafts Gallery should be very busy before and after.

Several weeks ago, I started a series that had a solar system ‘vibe’. Thank you to Melanie Muir and her fabulous CraftCast Rock Cuff Class for inspiring the test drive bracelet. No matter where or when I wear the cuff, it always creates positive comments.

Of course, earrings are the best sellers…they followed in short order!!!

The summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry, featuring my Spoke Cuff on the cover is still available on newsstands. The article includes full instructions for the Spoke Cuff and 4 additional bracelets.

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1 Response to Solar Inspirations

  1. Jan Frame says:

    I love it…good work. However, slowing it down or stopping the rotation was not apparently an option. I back spaced several time and got about 5 flashes of it. It looked fantastic in the flash viewing, but I would have liked to stop it so I could really see. Take care of yourself.

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