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Would It…Could It…IT DID!!!

After spending several weeks playing with the fine point DecoColor Paint Pen, I decided to try writing script on a piece of copper. My mother self published a book of letters written by family members at the turn of the … Continue reading

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Not Quite Right

I was soooooooo excited about the ‘tubular’ earrings…they looked great…OFF!!! Unforutunately, they did not look great…ON!!! For some reason they did not hang correctly and nothing I tried improved the situation. This morning I decided to ‘flatten’ the pieces and … Continue reading

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Where Does Inspiration Come From???

Inspiration is a nebulous element…it can flow like a river, dry up like the desert, or pop up in the most unusual places…church. When I saw a fabric pattern on a fellow parishioners’ shirt, my mind went into design mode…and … Continue reading

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A WOW Etching Day

Etching metal has it’s ups and downs…early in the process…more downs. Today was a FABULOUS etching day. The Deco-Color pen worked well in the etching solution and an OP ART pattern that was not the best transfer to the metal … Continue reading

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Two New Belle Armoire Articles

WOO HOO!!! Two article were accepted by Belle Armoire Jewelry for publication later in the year…Cleopatra’s Collar and designs using fragments and pieces of the etched metal on polymer. This was just the lift I needed after spending the last … Continue reading

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